Tuesday, October 17, 2017

For Snotty Leftwing-speak Try This:

Above The Law
OK, I didn't read every article available, but my sample of two seemed to me to be sufficient to get the arrogance which is indicated by the title - which obviously works on several levels.

On the other hand, if you've already had enough snotty Leftism, just move away from that link, and move along peacefully.

Oh. OK Then...

Monday, October 16, 2017

Thoughts of the day

Crucible of Leftist Corruption: Hollywood.
The absolute corruption of ALL of Hollywood has become completely visible and without question. The environment of sex and power includes not just the perpetrators but turns their victims into perpetrators of collusion in the cover-ups.

There is an obvious conclusion to be made here. The result of pure, unrestrained cultural Leftism as the sole source of moral guidance can be seen in the monoculture of the Hollywood crucible.

Fed only by greed and lust, the Hollywood Tribal cohort is a living laboratory for the workings of the totally Leftist social experiment. It even includes the fake posturing of Moral Supremacy which condemns all things “normal”, moral edicts which we are told to believe arises from the Moral Sewage of the industry.

Yet we are still treated to the panicky abandonment of Harvey Weinstein, while still not abandoning Polanski. Remember how It wasn’t rape-rape? Remember how Streep stood up to salute Polanski? To top this all off, some of them refuse to return donations (bribes) made by Weinstein. They cannot help being evil to the very foundations of their beings.

NFL Beliefs vs Acts.

Just as the NFL cannot truly believe in “equality” when teams hire specifically for merit; neither can they believe in forced “equal outcomes” when they declare winners and losers for EVERY game. They cannot believe in racism when there are proportionately more blacks on the teams than in the general population. They cannot believe in sexual equality when there are no women on the teams. They cannot believe in any of the principles of “Social Justice” which were just declared to be a focus of the league. It’s a lie which the league feels the players are not smart enough to comprehend. If the players don’t protest the league itself – and they won’t – then their protests are meaningless and perhaps they are that stupid.

Violence Solves Everything: New Leftist Approach? Or Old?
The violence of the Left has always been very real, clear back to their slave owner’s days. It has defined their history for nearly 200 years and it’s not going to change soon. So it’s no surprise that Dana Loesch has been threatened with voluminous threats of violence, including being “raped to death”. Dana has taken the position that the Left hates and made it highly visible to the general public. So when mere “shut up” demands don’t shut her up, then the terrorism begins, against her children as well as her. The Left is shameless because shame demands external moral principles against which one’s behavior can be judged. The Left has no such moral principles, so (as Alinsky noted) the only immoral tactic is the one not used. Violence from the Left is an expectation. Such violence will exist so long as Leftists exist. And the violence becomes worst when it is internal to the Leftist tribe as Seth Rich found out, and the Hollywood coterie demonstrates.

The lying liars are caught lying: there really are documents on the Clinton – Lynch tarmac meeting. And the FBI has them, and doesn’t want anyone else to get them.
FBI Forced to Admit It Has 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents

Las Vegas
Not in the news much these days. Circling the memory drain. I guess it'll stay in Vegas.

Which Version of "Love" Do You Choose?

NFL Seals Its Fate

The protests are in essence anti-white, anti-police, anti-western law. They are irrational in the sense that there is nothing of substance (i.e. data) for grounding their fact-free charges of "Racism".
NFL Commissioner Caves to Players: Will Not Require Standing for Anthem

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signaled last week that a change in policy regarding standing for the national anthem would be approved by team owners at the annual fall meeting next week.

But the players and their allies in the media pushed back -- hard. Now it appears that Goodell and the players union will codify a policy that will allow kneeling or any other protest during the playing of the anthem. And the league will justify it by using the NFL brand as a "platform to both raise awareness and make progress on issues of social justice and equality in this country."

In other words, a total, complete cave to the players.
Rational whites and others will respond to this attack by denial of funding: reduced attendance, viewership, and elimination of federal perqs such as tax exemption.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Bellagio Hotel Cover-Up (Udated)

What happens in Vegas.... will be down the memory hole by morning.

The cover-up part is from 19:15 through 20:30.

The Bellagio Hotel is 1.5 miles from the concert; the Bellagio incident was 45 minutes after the concert shooting. The "echo from the concert" excuse is a non-starter. The multiple shooter issue from cab driver witnesses came well after the shooting started at the concert.

Note also the video from the shooting at the Aria. And shooting at the New York, New York Casino??

Friday, October 13, 2017

Homosexuals Are Under the Sharia Bus At UT San Antonio

'Reading the Riot Act' to Truth-Tellers at UT San Antonio
If you are a candidate for a Victimhood tribal assignment you might want to check on the current placement of your tribe on the Leftist hierarchy of Victimhood Classifications. For example, if you are a woman you will find that you're tribe was so 1990's and is not relevant in any significant manner in today's hierarchy. In fact, the same goes for homosexuals.

Today's untouchable Victimhood Class winner is, of course, Islam; the Muslims. It is not possible to overstate the degree of fawning respect which is accorded to the Religion of Peace. And that directly impacts the estrogenics and the sexually non-restrictives, since Islam, Sharia and Muslims all relegate those classes to the hindmost of human importance. Better check with an accredited Leftist to find out what the upcoming tribe will acquire top Victimhood Status. If it is eskimos, then get up some blubber and fill out the tribal acceptance forms.

The Left is based on inconsistencies. So the other classes, including blacks and other skin-tones as well as hormonals and sexual spectrumists understand that their time has come and gone. One must remain flexible in order to deal with new winners in the Victimhood game, because the new winners might completely cancel out the human value of the previous Victims, rendering the previous ones completely helpless and without the protection of their betters.

But maybe the Leftist game will come to a halt with the Religion of Peace and its Qur'an/hadiths/Sharia, which will allow the kaffir to convert or die.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

VDH: How Obama Destroyed the Democrat Party

Well, there is a residual Democrat Party. Their mantra is, "If you like your Marxist Identity War, you can keep your Marxist Identity War because it's all that we've got. We'll win big next year with that."