Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Professor: Academic Rigor = Bad.

Prof: Academic rigor reinforces 'power and privilege'
Suggested Subtitle: I'm too lazy and stupid for actual academic rigor, so I don't reap the rewards that those who actually are rigorous get, so they must stop being rigorous, amirite? And BTW I don't do math or empiricism, I do feminist, Foucaultian destructive criticism which gets me published in non-engineering feminist journals.
The leader of Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education recently declared that academic “rigor” reinforces “white male heterosexual privilege.”

Donna Riley, who previously taught engineering at Smith College for 13 years, published an article in the most recent issue of the journal Engineering Education, arguing that academic rigor is a “dirty deed” that upholds “white male heterosexual privilege.”

"Scientific knowledge itself is gendered, raced, and colonizing."

Defining rigor as “the aspirational quality academics apply to disciplinary standards of quality,” Riley asserts that “rigor is used to maintain disciplinary boundaries, with exclusionary implications for marginalized groups and marginalized ways of knowing.”
Engineering Education is a discipline??? No freaking wonder she can't do engineering, and finds it threatening: quality in engineering is too hard for her and "genders, races" and thus it succeeds over those, which appears colonizing.

This is a blatant admission of technical inability cum SJW totalitarianism, focused on destruction of something they cannot understand much less dominate.

Again, what the hell is "engineering education" anyway? And don't forget this wonderful diktat:
"Scientific knowledge itself is gendered, raced, and colonizing."
This is a marker for ideological insanity. In fact, take a look at Prof. Riley's published papers (I've bolded the pertinent info):
Selected Publications

Riley, D., Pawley, A., Tucker, J., and Catalano, G.D. "Feminisms in Engineering Education: Transformative Possibilities." National Women's Studies Association Journal, (August 2009).

Riley, D. Engineering and Social Justice. San Rafael, CA: Morgan and Claypool (2008).

Riley, D. and Sciarra, G.L. "'You're all a bunch of fucking feminists': Addressing the Perceived Conflict Between Gender and Professional Identities Using the Montreal Massacre." Proceedings of the Frontiers in Education Conference, October 28–31, San Diego, CA (2006).

Riley, D. M., and Claris, L. "Power/Knowledge: Using Foucault to promote critical understandings of content and pedagogy in engineering thermodynamics." ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, June 18 - 21, Chicago, IL (2006).

Riley, D. and Armstrong, E. "Common Ground: How a course collaboration between engineering and women's studies produced fine art." ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, June 12-15, Portland, OR (2005).

Chesler, N. and Riley, D. "The Art of Engineering: Using fine arts to discuss the lives of women faculty in engineering." ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, June 20-23, Salt Lake City, Utah (2004).

Riley, D. "Employing Liberative Pedagogies in Engineering Education." Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 9(2): 137-158 (2003).

Riley, D. "Sex, Fear and Condescension on Campus: Cybercensorship at Carnegie Mellon University." Wired_Women: Gender and new realities in cyberspace. L. Cherney and E.R. Weise, eds. Seattle: Seal Press, 1996.
This illuminates and explains her approach to "engineering education":
She claims that rigor can “reinforce gender, race, and class hierarchies in engineering, and maintain invisibility of queer, disabled, low-income, and other marginalized engineering students,” adding that “decades of ethnographic research document a climate of microaggressions and cultures of whiteness and masculinity in engineering.”

She evens contends that “scientific knowledge itself is gendered, raced, and colonizing,” asserting that in the field of engineering, there is an “inherent masculinist, white, and global North bias...all under a guise of neutrality.”

[RELATED: Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege]

To fight this, Riley calls for engineering programs to “do away with” the notion of academic rigor completely, saying, “This is not about reinventing rigor for everyone, it is about doing away with the concept altogether so we can welcome other ways of knowing. Other ways of being. It is about criticality and reflexivity.”

“We need these other ways of knowing to critique rigor, and to find a place to start to build a community for inclusive and holistic engineering education,” she concludes.

Pervnado at the NFL, New Yorker, Larry King, NPR's Ashbrook

seven more pervs today:
NFL Network Employees Allegedly Groped Female Colleague">

...Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans allegedly groped and made sexually explicit comments at her.

... said Weinberger sent “several nude pictures of himself and sexually explicit texts” and told her she was “put on earth to pleasure me.” In the complaint, she also alleges Weinberger pressed his crotch against her shoulder and asked her to touch it.

Taylor sent Cantor “sexually inappropriate” pictures of himself and a video of him masturbating in the shower.
Go THERE for details.

The New Yorker Fires Star Reporter Ryan Lizza Over ‘Improper Sexual Conduct’
The magazine ‘severed ties’ with the political journalist best known for ending Anthony Scaramucci’s brief Trump White House career.

The New Yorker has let go of its star reporter Ryan Lizza amid allegations of sexual misconduct, the magazine confirmed Monday.

Boomers and Gen Zyklon, a Gen X Metaphor

Too funny - read it all there:
Baby Boomers as Explained by Gen X

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pervnado Abused?

E! Investigating Ryan Seacrest Misconduct Claim
This claim might well be bogus:
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the alleged victim is said to have, through her representation, made a substantial financial ask in exchange for her silence, however, Seacrest declined via his lawyers.
This is a fairly blatant blackmail fail which shows the character of the accuser. Thus it's likely false.

It was only time before entrepreneurial women would seize the opportunity for profit presented by Pervnado.

I think it is empirically observable that only the Left asserts accusation/belief/punishment without judicial process. A woman's accusation automatically condemns the man being accused. The Left holds firm to that policy even as it eats its own. Many of the accused admit to their "issues" anyway, with newfound "remorse".

When they attempt to condemn those on the Right who are accused, they are furious that full, immediate condemnation is held off until proper adjucation occurs. Innocent until PROVEN guilty, and all that. Left not really into that.

As for the continuing Leftist purge, I personally accept their condemnations because these are narrative mongers who play within their own narrative and are nailed by their own narrative hypocrisies.

Even ignoring that most if not all of them being purged really are scum. They need to follow Weiner's path into prison. Line them up, dress them in orange, herd them through the automatic gate.

I'm not certain about Judge Roy Moore, except that the yearbook fraud is looking like possible jail time for Allred, rather than Moore. Other Moore accusers need to prove their "abuse". Because: Innocent until PROVEN guilty.

ADDENDUM: Case in Point:
Democrat Accused of Masturbating in Front of Lobbyist Resigns, Denies Allegations
For Democrat California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, the narrative has won: the accusation is the verdict. Who knows what actually happened?


Friday, December 8, 2017

DNC Pot Boils Over

DNC closed-door meeting for honchos to determine the future of the DNC.
Common Democrats unfranchised from the decisions.
Common Democrats burst into meeting with "Democratic or Undemocratic" signs.
Democrat honchos call security on Common Democrats.
UH OH! Disunity erupts at DNC’s 2020 Unity meeting
Lordy I do love the DNC, always good for a laugh!

The Next Leftist Self-Annointment

Matthews: ‘The Worst You Can Say About Democrats Is They’re Too Pure’
'Scuse me. I just had to hose off my computer after I snorted all over it. Best joke in a very long time... and I suspect that the Leftocrats will go with that as their motto next year - "Vote Dem; We're TOO Pure" and "Need morals? Let us cook some up for you!".

Pervnado: Another Hollywood Perv

Bryan Singer Sued For Alleged 2003 Sexual Assault Of Teen; Promised Acting Roles In Exchange For Silence

Repubican Trant Franks Nailed for "Discussing Surrogacy"?

Must be more to it than just that.
Arizona GOP Rep. Trent Franks announces resignation after discussing surrogacy with female staffers

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I'll be offline for a Week to Ten Days

But I will be back.

Culture of Constant Contradictions

Ladies, Remember Men Are Dangerous. Now Share A Bathroom With Them And Don't Carry A Gun.

It's important, I'm told, to be respectful of opposing beliefs. We mustn't be dismissive of viewpoints that differ from our own. We mustn't condescend.
What about viewpoints that differ from ... themselves? For the Left that's OK because Shut UP!

Others by Matt Walsh:
WALSH: This Transgender Person Allegedly Raped A Girl In A Bathroom. Leftists Still Want Men In The Women's Room.

WALSH: We're Still Funding The Abortion Industry, But Let's Be Mad About Trophy Hunting Instead

WALSH: If Kids Can't Consent, Stop Pushing Sex And Birth Control On Them In Grade School
Well, the only absolute principles that the Left adheres to are 1) that rape is OK if it's done by a Leftist who supports women's rights, or a Leftist Victimhood Class member; 2) Abortion is a First Principle of Leftist eradicationalism; 3) kids and sex - Yum - when does the plane to pedophile island leave? 4) Contradictions are a Right Wing Conspiracy Theory.